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David Sanner Posted by: David Sanner 1 year ago

As much as we wish we could, we can’t control the weather! Storms are one of the most common causes of damage to your home and property. When violent storms include hail, damage can escalate pretty quickly.

Keep reading to learn how to best protect your property from hail damage, and remember we’re here 24/7 to help!

Our Storm Damage Restoration Services

Prevent Storm Damage Whenever Possible

The best way to protect your home and property from hail damage is to take proactive steps before a storm is on the horizon.

Take Care Of Your Roof

Make sure you’ve had your roof inspected recently (especially if there have been recent storms in your area), repair wear and tear, and replace your roof when recommended. The roof of your home tends to take the brunt of storm damage, so it’s vital to ensure it’s up to the task of protecting your home.

Update Windows & Siding

Windows and siding are two other areas of your home that can take severe damage if hail is part of a storm system. If you have skylights, make sure they are impact-rated to protect against hail and if your siding needs to be replaced, choose a fiber-cement option instead of vinyl or aluminum.

During a storm, keep blinds and curtains closed. That way, if a window breaks, you can contain the breaking glass and decrease the amount of debris that can blow into your home.

Maintain Your Landscaping

Keeping your trees healthy and free of dead branches is a great way to reduce the risk of storm damage. Don’t wait for a hailstorm to pelt your trees and send dead branches onto your roof! 

Make sure you bring all outdoor furniture and appliances indoors or cover them sufficiently if that isn’t possible.

Dealing With The Aftermath

After a storm has passed, there are a few steps to take to assess your home for damage. Before you do, make sure you have a copy of your homeowner’s insurance policy on hand in case you need to file a damage claim.

We recommend keeping a digital copy stored in the cloud where you can access it from your phone in case damage to your home makes it impossible to access any paper copies.

  • Make sure everyone in your home is safe
  • Conduct a visual inspection outside your home for:
    • Missing or damaged siding
    • Cracked or broken windows
    • Fallen tree branches
    • Broken/disconnected gutters
  • Document all damage with photos for your insurance company

Let Us Help Repair Storm And Hail Damage

Storm damage can happen to any home at any time and should be addressed immediately. Lake City Restoration is available 24/7 to answer your questions and ensure your home is restored safely.

Our services include mold restoration, water damage cleanup, fire damage restoration, storm damage repair, and other necessary restoration services.